‘I was not detained’ – Blessing Okoro speaks

'I was not detained' - Blessing Okoro speaks

A few hours ago relationship blogger, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro was reportedly arrested for claiming another man’s 7-bedroom duplex as hers

Not long after the news of her arrest surfaced online, Blessing released a video to reassure her fans that she is fine.

She stated in the video that; “Hey guy, I’m OK, very OK. It’s gonna die down naturally. It’s just a normal stuff. It’s going to die down naturally.

“I don’t want to continue the whole pressure, pressure, pressure… It’s fine, I’m very very perfect. Nothing is wrong with me, OK? So one love, to those sending me your love, God bless you. To those sending your hate, God bless you too. It’s just something that’s going to fizzle away in a bit. Thank you so much for your love. I am very very OK so don’t get yourself worried. ”

Captioning her video, she wrote;

I am very ok .
Am not been held .
No cause for alarm .
No police no station no detention.
Thanks lovers
It will pass



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