Keep your nudity in your bedroom – Nollywood actor comes for colleague, Uche Ogbodo


Keep your nudity in your bedroom - Nollywood actor comes for colleague, Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo tried to break the internet today after she shared nude photos of herself to celebrate birthday. While the photos have received some hypes from some fans, others have point blank, thrashed the single mom.

One of those, who didn’t find the photos fascinating is controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu. According to the actor, who never seizes to have an opinion about issues, says there was no need for her to show off her nudity, Ever!

Reacting to the nude birthday photos on Instagram on Friday, Maduagwu not only took a swipe at the birthday girl but said the act was “ungodly”.

He wrote:

Madam, keep your nudity to your bedroom, celebrate your BIRTHDAY with thanksgiving, not NUDITY… @ucheogbodo Ask any woman on the street of Naija, and they’ll unanimously affirm that when the “Olympus has FALLEN, there is no need bringing them out again”.

There are so many ways to showing appreciation to God for adding another year to your AGE,🎂giving out to the less privileged in the SOCIETY is one,🍚 and not going NUDE on social media, isn’t that a sign of ungratefulness to God?

This is getting too much in Nollywood,🎬 did our MOTHERS ever go nude in public to celebrate their BIRTHDAYS So where are all these “ungodly” trend coming from? —  Because it’s alien to us as a PEOPLE in Nigeria.

@ucheogbodo Have you forgotten so soon that so many TEENAGE girls and YOUTHS alike, look up to you as their ROLE model in Nigeria?👑 Please Ma, what MESSAGE are you then sending to them with this “unnecessary” nudity?😀 At age 33, great LEGENDS like @mercyjohnsonokojie, @ritadominic, @funkejenifaakindele just to mention but a few have started shaping the lives of teenage girls in Naija positively with their exemplary LIFESTYLE, @ucheogbodo can anyone impact lives positively with a NUDE pics?


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