Nigerians hail Timi Dakolo for allegedly exposing immoral Abuja pastor

Nigerians hail Timi Dakolo for allegedly exposing immoral Abuja pastor

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has earned the love and respect of some Nigerians after he allegedly accused an Abuja pastor of s3xual immorality.

Timi in an Instagram post on Thursday accused an unnamed pastor of defiling women and doing all sorts of unthinkable things. The singer didn’t mention the pastor’s name but have a clue as what church he was referring to.

In the caption of his post, the singer did write “Coza ko, Zion in”, and that is all the clue Nigerians needed to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Many of them took to Twitter to hail the singer, who they claim hates controversies for speaking out — According to them, if he talking about it, then it is something serious.

Take a look at some things they said

@Otunbapercy wrote: For Timi Dakolo to openly bash Coza then you should know he has facts, He never comes dirty on Social media, man respects himself well

But Nigerians will shoot him because he is bashing a church🤦‍♂️

Some of una go die for men of God wey their salvation no dey sure.

@amflomotion: Thank God someone like Timi Dakolo is talking. I keep telling people that “Touch, not my anointing is nothing but religion sentiments”. Enough has been said about COZA Pastor relating to sexual harassment but hey to us all is untouchable because he is Man of God. Bullshit!

@ijaw_girl: If you want to see how much Nigerians protect pastors, go to Timi Dakolo’s page. People are going through every means to discredit him.

Such a shame.

@IAMrMeks wrote: Timi Dakolo is one Nigerian artiste that stays clear of controversies, he is a believer and also very mature with his online activities.

If this same person will drag a pastor then something must really be wrong somewhere.

@Chidinma_c wrote: I respect Timi Dakolo so much for exposing the COZA pastor. If your pastor is hurting innocent people don’t keep quiet and throw those hurt people to the wolves or silence them.