Nigerians react as Saraki takes a bow

Nigerians react as Saraki takes a bow

Nigerians have taken to social media(Twitter) to drop their two cents on Senate President Bukola Saraki as he leaves the office.

While some extolled Saraki, who wouldn’t be part of the 9th National Assembly as the best Senate president since 1999 — Others think he is the absolute worse.

Take a look at some of the reactions

@Natubebe1: I heard some twitter simpletons are offended that the vast majority of Nigerians agree that Bukola Saraki is the best Senate President.


@UtMurktar wrote: No human being is infallible, Dr Bukola Saraki May have his own shortcomings too but as a leader, I will always hail him because he undoubtedly performed marvellously well, you’ve done a very great job in the last four years and history will forever remember you, sir, @bukolasaraki

@Abba_kas wrote: If you miss Bukola Saraki that one is your headache. But don’t come here telling us he’s the best Senate president ever.

@Tee_classiquem1 wrote: Goodbye to Bukola Saraki.., the worst Senate President since 1999…Imagine spending the entire 4 years fighting the President and making the lives of innocent Nigerians miserable.

@OdogwuBash wrote: Bukola Saraki has the imposing elegance of Chuba Okadigbo, the calm demeanour of Pius Anyim and the street intelligence of Olusegun Obasanjo. We may never have another Senate President like him in a long time to come.
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@Sidac06 wrote: Some politicians will enter into political hibernation mode this week. The likes of Bukola Saraki, Magnus Abe, Kabiru Marafa, etc may go down the political drain.


  1. please let us ask bukola saraki to declare his assets as he left office ,to God be the glory buhari as a man of God submitted the same content of asset declaration yesterday to that of his first declaration , we have politicians like saraki who are gluttony but politicians like Pmb and Pyo are exceptional to find in these present days ,so to wrap it up bukola saraki is a woeful policing and the ever worst certified quack medical humpty dumpty I have

  2. lnfact bukola saraki is one of the doggess fighter. despite all the challenges, family battle is there, State battle is there, national battle is there, individual battle is there,but he survived it all and is still perform, what a great man is He. bukola saraki is one of the best senate president that Nigeria ever have.

  3. I will not judge Dr Bukola Saraki,bible says thou shall not, but may God pays him back 20 times of which ever way he handled national affairs when he was in position good or vise visa and to all other past public office holders

  4. The former senate president has done his best, if people continue saying he use four years to fight the president, they forgot that buhari too use four good years to fight saraki. so, I don’t want to blame saraki for this but president buhari.