Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo threatens his debtor with witchcraft

Nollywood actor Alex Eubo has taken to social media to send a message to one of his debtors who has refused to pay him back.

According to the actor, the debtor tried using God to dissuade him from getting his money back prompting the actor to take things even more personal.

Alex wrote shared the post;

When someone lends you money, it doesn’t mean they have alot. It means they thought y needed it more than them…. so learn to return people’s money with the same energy and smile u borrowed it with. ARGH!

He captioned it;

“I’ve been burnt beyond measure for the umpteenth time. One debtor had to nerve to say to me, “ah ah! Alexx ya a Man of God na, all these things are material things” 😱😱 my hard earned money material thing okwaya! This one eh! I won’t even bother God, its Ogbakiri i will use & swear for you 😡😡😡 .

Share your own money experience, don’t tag the debtor o, just comment they would come & catch their sub. 😔”


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