Pastor and his married mistress murder her husband to cover up her pregnancy for him

The Benin state police command has arrested a pastor and his side chick, who is a married mom of three for the murder of the woman’s husband who was a staff of NNPC in Benin. The deceased’s name has been given as Engr. Victor Gabriel Isonguyo.


According to the report, the lovers connived to take the life of Victor and have now been sentenced to death for the act.

The woman whose name has been given as Eniobong Isonguyo reportedly worked with her lover whose name was given as Udoka Ukachukwu to kill her husband so she could cover up for the pregnancy accusation by the deceased.

The court heard that the woman told the pastor to wait for her husband along a path he normally takes to work, then asks him for a ride.

Their plan worked as the man did stop to give the pastor a ride and during their journey, the pastor used a sharp object to hit the man on his neck before burning him.

Following the man’s death, his properties worth millions of naira were transferred to the said pastor by the wife.

The woman was arrested and eventually gave birth in Benin prison.

Justice Geraldine Imadegbelo, during the court hearing, sentenced the two to death by hanging.


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