RCCG gospel singer allegedly commits suicide over inability to pay rent


A minister of the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) has reportedly killed himself after being driven to the point of frustration for being unable to pay his rent.

The deceased, Michael Arowosaiye, was said to have been a gospel minister of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), in Abuja.

Michael according took his own life, around 4 pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at Sunnyvale Estate — Hanging himself with his belt.

The young man was said to have fallen into depression after being unable to pay his accommodation bill.


  • My prayers for his family. I have there and wondering how I can move on in faith and to hope for better days.

  • look more suicide deaths are coming if the authorities in rccg did not change their policies. how can someone ask for help in the church and they will ask him to go and repent. when they know that he or she is a church worker or a minister, or better still a pastor, and they ask him to go and repent. is that not evil.

  • How much is the house rent that can not be assisted with. And we have many millionaires in the church but instead to assist they are building churches but refused to assist the needy… I believe he must have approached one or two people for assistance but end up to take his life when the assistance is not forth coming… May God have mercy upon His church..

  • so sad. Everyone seeing him in church may have thought all is well with him, or maybe he may have open up to one or two persons in that church and their response to his need may have triggered him to hang himself. wat a wicked world. i’m So Disappointed with churches and their pastors , maybe instead of helping d guy , they want to announce his problem to the entire congregation which is somehow shameful , I’m sure he couldn’t deal with d thought of being helpless. so sad but this is still not d best option to resolve d issue .
    RIP dear.

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