Burna Boy replies critic who said “he’s a wall gecko that was hyped to believe he’s crocodile”

See Burna Boy's response to a critic who said "he's wall gecko that was hyped to believe he's crocodile"

A few days ago, Nigerian singer Burna Boy pissed off many music lovers when he took a swipe at his colleagues who celebrate streaming numbers.

According to Burna, streaming numbers should not be the basis for judging one’s talent because they are not. He also talked down international endorsements, urging colleagues not to take them.

Well, a popular Twitter user @DrOlufunmilayo came at Burna saying Nigerians have hyped Burna Boy into believing he is a crocodile when in fact he’s just a wall gecko – And Burna Boy replied.

@DrOlufunmilayo wrote:

“Burna Boy is overrated”
“Burna Boy needs to blow”

This was y’ all in 2018.
F, first he pisses on you all. Calls you “backward unprogressive fools”.

Then disrespects Tiwa
And now Mayorkun.

Man is clearly messed up.
You people hype will wall gecko, he started to think he’s a crocodile.

See Burna Boy’s reply:

Lol. Nice comedy. But really If I wanted to call out someone. It won’t be on Twitter or Instagram, I’m more of a real-life type. I State Facts, I don’t expect people like you to understand because I do not speak unless it’s the TRUTH and I know you’re not used to that so I get it.

FYI Hype is NOT what got me here neither is what will keep me here. Same people that hail you will tear you down so it never mattered to me. I just do what’s true to me that’s all. “Overrate or Underrate” doesn’t change shit! Truth needs no validation from ignorance.

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  • burna boy na human being??? is burna boy a name of a person, animal, place, or thing? m not hating on him oooo but he should learn to mind is business . not long ago he been get beef with blac chyna always poke nosing

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