Shocking! Chris Attoh’s Wife Allegedly Killed By Ex-Husband

According to reports, Betty Jennifer murdered wife of Ghanian actor, Chris Attoh was shot dead by an assassin from a drug boss who is believed to be her ex-husband.

According to reports, Bettie Jenifer who was once married to a cartel boss, who is in jail never told the actor about her ex.

However after news of their marriage made headlines, they started getting threats from cartel members.

According to the source, it was Bettie Jenifer who convinced Chris Attoh to delete their photos from his Instagram page, to send the message to her ex-husband that they have separated.

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According to reports, it was alleged that Bettie’s ex-husband was not pleased with the alleged unfaithfulness and thus ordered her murder, which led to Chris Attoh’s wife being shot dead by a suspect who is still on the run.

Chris Attoh



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