Shocking!!! Dino Melaye Used Cable Whip On Ben-Murray Bruce

Senator Shehu Sani has revealed that Senator Dino Melaye used a cable whip to help strikeout Senator Ben Murray-Bruce’s bill on electric cars.

Ben Murray-Bruce has continued to lament on how his bill promoting the use of electric cars was stepped down in the Senate.

On Sunday afternoon, Senator Shehu Sani expressed that many senators rejected the idea, but it was Senator Dino Melaye who held the bill by the jugular and sent it to an early grave.

See his post below:

When @benmurraybruce moved his motion on electric cars,Senators permitted to speak came out with Koboko & lashed at him;When it was @dino_melaye’s time to speak,Ben thot a savior has come,until Dino Brot out a cable whip & the motion was sent to its early grave;I wasn’t permitd


  1. I’m totally in support of what Senator Dino Melaye did. A country that don’t have light is talking about electric cars. Some times i wonder is this senators went to school.

  2. Ben Bruce knows what he was saying. I totally agree with him. I’ve been privileged to drive an electric car and if you’ve ever driven a Tesla you won’t have a choice than to agree.
    We can gradually phase out combustion engine and since virtually most homes or gas stations use generator; I see no reason why we can’t use an electric car in Nigeria.


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