Shocking! Man Sues Friend For Failing To Impregnate His Wife After 77 Times

Shocking: Man Sues Friend For Failing To Impregnate His Wife After 77 Times

A Tanzanian police officer has reportedly charged his friend to court for failing to get his wife pregnant after trying for 77 times. The man, Darius Makambako, and his wife, Precious, were said to have been married for over 6 years without a child.

They were said to have visited a doctor who pronounced the husband infertile and this made them sought another alternative by employing the help of the husband’s friend, Mastano.

Mastano was said to have been approached and paid 2, 000, 000 Tanzanian Shillings to sleep with Precious for three evenings a week for the next 10 months. Trouble, however, broke out when he failed to get Precious pregnant after 77 times.

This made Darius asked for a refund of the fee he paid to Mastano and trouble ensued. Further pressing revealed that Mastano is also infertile and not the father of his three children. Shocking isn’t it???

Mastano in his defence said he won’t make any refund since he didn’t guarantee conception.


  1. The contract lacks all the requirements for morality and decency. The couple would have done well by going for genuine adoption rather attempting to promote incest and sodomy. it is not everything that is practicable that is morally admissible. The couple who by their decision had tended to promote incest are supposedly Christians. Except they repent from this evil they would have done a major violence to their time and eternity. This is a typical case of one glorying in his shame. Sodom and Gomorrah is a standing example for this generation. I urge the couple to retrace their step.

  2. Darius is the biggest fool, did he think that if his friend has been able to get his wife pregnant, he will be able to say in future that this are my children, rubbish, instead of him going to adopt kids and make them know him like his own, or better still clone his wife and has his own children, he should better forget getting into any court case with his friend because he stand no chance to winning that case.


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