Ugandan minister’s twin sons drown in family home swimming pool

Ugandan minister's twin sons drown in family home swimming pool

Ronald Kibuule, Uganda’s State Water Minister is bereaved.

According to reports, Kibuule’s twin sons drowned in the family swimming pool on Monday.

Reports have it that the CCTV camera installed in the home was off as at the time of the incident although the children were being minded by two male minders.

Daily monitor reports that the police have since taken the two male domestic servants into custody for questioning and the corpses have been taken to the City Mortuary in Mulago, Kampala.

Mr Davis Lukyamuzi, an uncle of the minister said;

“Yes, they drowned in the swimming pool, but we do not know what exactly happened because at the time of the incident the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras were off.”

Mr Kibuule and his wife, Fortunate, were reportedly not at home when the sad incident happened as they had left the minders and guards alone at home with their kid before they travelled.

One of the guards who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were unaware of the incident until one of the minders yelled that “we are dead; the kids have drowned”.

The children have been laid to rest on Tuesday.



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