[Video]: Secondary School In Disarray as SS2 and SS3 students go head-to-head with Teargas and Guns In Rivers State

A video has gone viral on the internet as secondary school students were seeing running helter-skelter from the brawling perpetuated by SS2 students and SS3 students using teargas and gun to send the school in disarray.

According to the report, the student who attends a government school in Port Harcourt, CSS Oroworokwu has been alleged to have brought a gun and teargas to school to fight some SS3 students.

In the video, students were seen to be in disarray jumping the storey building to flee away from the violence.

The disturbing video saw students jumping from the storey building, running for their safety as well as Teachers running to safety, It was also seen in the video how a brave Teacher took to his cane and raced to where the violence is been perpetuated.


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