What a father did to his son for mocking a boy who wore rubber shoes


A Nigerian man identified as Onyeka John, stunned social media users after he revealed the simple punishment he gave his son for mocking a boy that wore rubber sandals.

According to Mr John, who said he himself grew up wearing rubber sandals to school and always felt bad whenever his mates mocked him — had to teach his son early in life not to look down on anyone.

He said for mocking another child, he locked up all his son’s fancy shoes and sneakers and bought him two rubber shoes — One for school and the other for the church.

He shared via Twitter on Thursday morning this: My son mocked a boy on rubber sandals last Friday, so yesterday I bought him two rubber shoes, one for the church, the other for school and locked up all his sneakers and fancy shoes, he must have sensed by force #responsibleparenting ☹️

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