What Is This World Turning To! – Fani Kayode Cries Out As Man Gets Death Sentence For Farting In Mosque

What Is This World Turning To!!! - Fani Kayode Cries Out As Man Gets Death Sentence For Farting In Mosque

Femi Fani Kayode, a former minister for aviation and a staunched Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has expressed shock after a man was sentenced to death for farting inside the mosque during a prayer session.

According to Fani Kayode who shared the story via his Twitter handle today, 17th May, he said the incident happened in Pakistan.

Muslims across the World are currently observing the mandatory Ramadan fasting which is expected to last for at least a month.

His words:

A man is sentenced to death in Pakistan for farting in a mosque during Ramadan. What is the world coming to?

His tweet:

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  • we can only find peace in Christ Jesus. No where else. Some set of people engaged themselves in a compulsory self starving and devilish activity every year, calling it mandatory from God-this is wrong. We can only worship God in the spirit because He is spirit. Your prayer to God can not he cancelled by farting, whether cousiously or uncousiously .It is only when your heart is corrupt. I found JESUS, and I will never leave Him.

  • They are just killing for fun, if u try to investigate properly u will find that all these unnecessary wickedness is only affective to the poor and helpless citizens.

  • man-made methods of getting God’s attention can’t survive the test of time. Only when Jesus is in a heart that there can be hope and peace.

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