Why Yomi Shogunle’s Nkalagu transfer shouldn’t be celebrated – Akin Alabi

An incoming member of the House of Representatives, Akin Akabi says he doesn’t know why Nigerians on Twitter are celebrating Yomi Shogunle’s transfer.

The Nairabet owner in a few tweets on Saturday afternoon said if the Assistant Commissioner of Police, did badly in his position in Abuja – a transfer wouldn’t stop him.

Yomi Shogunle had sexually earned the backlash of Nigerians over some “insensitive” statements he makes on Twitter concerning the plight of Nigerians.

From the #EndSars campaign and recently to the #AbujaWomenRaid, Shogunle’s statements seem to always up Nigerians in a bad mood.

Therefore his transfer yo Nkalagu in Ebonyi state was a sort of victory for many.

He tweeted: I don’t understand the celebration over @YomiShogunle’s transfer to Nkalagu. Looks like some people think life starts and ends on twitter.

I don’t know what his new positions are all about. Maybe it’s even a promotion, I don’t know. My problem is if he is as bad as Twitter says, will he stop being bad now that he is in Nkalagu?

Or are we saying? now he can no longer do anything to us on Twitter. He can go ahead and do nonsense in Nkalagu? Isn’t that being a typical Nigerian? As long as my people & I are safe, the rest can go to hell. We are happy because those of us on twitter is no longer affected.


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