‘With you I felt so understood’ – Chimamanda Adichie mourns Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina

Renowned Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie has taken to social media at mourn her friend the late Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina.

Sharing photos of them on social media, Adichie wrote about their friendship and how the author truly understood her.

In her words;

Binyavanga Wainaina. (1971 – 2019)

So kind, so generous, so humorous, so brilliant, so brave, so
talented, so knowledgeable, so wonderfully curious, so original.

I am struggling. To use the past tense. To stop crying.

My beloved ‘Canga.’ There is nobody else remotely like you. Nobody.

With you, I felt so known, so understood. And there is no gift, in a
friendship, more precious than this.

I love you. Always. Rest well.



Binyavanga passed on May 21, 2019.


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