‘You are an insane illiterate’ – Between actress Tayo Sobola and a troll

Nigerian actress Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo Gaga is not one to be disrespected.

The actress who recently lost her mum, put a troll in his place after the latter came at her for commenting under someone’s photo.

Tayo had commented on a guys’s photo saying;

“Tatoo is neatly done”.

The troll wasted no time in replying the actress and bashing her. According to the troll:

#sotayogaga see you we finish skul no get money reach an. You are a big fool for saying that to him… Nahim make una life dey spoil. Check your life, you do any better thing? Na to dey talk put for another person matter una sabi foolish Nigerian bastard you will never make it in life keep doing eye service you hear? I don’t know who the fuck you are but I hate you die for this comment I saw. I was just passing by but had to stop and give you what you want by saying shiii into somebody’s peace of mind. My advice for you bastard is to make money in your life of not you go suffer die and I pray you will never make it in life not until you apologize to kogbagidi. For you to know how serious I am pissed with you, I cannot even stop causing you cos e be like sey your head no correct that’s why your head born idiot, fool bastard she or he got. Your type em boys use to count scores straight to your senseless brain.

Sotayo Gaga replied the troll;

@saint_ moriss you must be insane. Illiteracy is your problem. God will punish you .what’s the offence in saying the tattoo is neat? You must be mad. Thunder fire you.