Ali Baba reacts to Neymar’s rape scandal

Ace comedian Ali Baba has reacted to footballer Neymar’s recent rape scandal.

Recall the footballer was accused of raping a young woman, an accusation he has since come out to defend by showing proof that they had consensual sex. The woman also accused Neymar of hitting her.

The case has since caused an uproar on social media with many asking that the lady be made to suffer the same consequences a rapist would.

Reacting to the story, Nigerian comedian and actor Ali Baba took to his IG page to share the story of a friend who was also falsely accused of rape.

In his words;

First off, I am against rape. And anyone, who rapes another should be made to face serious penalties. To deter others and to punish offenders, is the only way to go. BUT, BECAUSE WE ARE SYMPATHETIC AND MORE PROTECTIVE OF THE WOMEN INVOLVED IN RAPE CASES, DOESN’T MEAN, THAT EMPATHY SHOULD BE ABUSED.
Only God knows how many, like Joseph, would have gone down, because one lady wants to ride on those sympathies

We donated money to try get a lawyer for a friend who was accused of raping his sister in law, in 2015, in Bayelsa. Only for God to have smiled on him through a camera hidden in a wall clock. If not for that wall clock, our man was a gonnnnnaaaaaa. The CCTV showed, the man saying resisting all the time. In one of the frames, she said, “You are a suegbe. And you call yourself a man. Maybe that’s why sister never carry belle.” Our man in the story above, is one of the lucky few, just like @Neymarjr Let’s be very alert


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