“Bovi, Basket Mouth And Ali Baba, Who Do You Think Is The Best Comedian?” – See What Nigerians Think

Bovi, Basket Mouth And Ali Baba, Who Do You Think Is The Best Comedian??? - See What Nigerians Think

Nigerians have started a comparison between humour merchants, Ali Baba, Basket Mouth, and Bovi as regards who is the best among the aforelisted trio.

While a larger percentage went with Bovi as the best among them, some said Basket Mouth is not really a bad one.

It was not a good one for legendary humour merchant, Ali Baba, as none rated him as high as the aforementioned duo.

Some even stated that he is not that good but has only understood the rudiments of the business. Who do you think is the best among the trio???

What Nigerians are saying:





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