Dating Tips: Do’s And Don’ts On First Date

 Hello, are you planning on going on a date this weekend and you’re are nervous about not making the right impression or being overboard, not to worry we got you covered with these tips on first dates. So we start with Do’s

                                                                                    Do’s on the first date

Look good: how you look is important, it sends a lot of impression about who you’re. And like they said you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Importantly make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in.

Drink appropriately: whether you’re a heavy drinker or not, on your first date be subtle with how you consume whatever you’re taking especially alcohol

Eye contact: eye contact is a great way of listening and focusing yourself with the moment, plus it gives you some level of confidence

Be yourself: most importantly. Just be yourself. Nothing too extra, do not try to impress and over do it. Just be you.

                                                                                      Don’ts on the first date


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Don’t be a narcissist: don’t think the date is because of you, or everything should be centered around you. Both of you came together that’s why it’s a date. So you need to balance it, take about yourself and ask questions about your date.

Too flirty: it’s your first date and you need to calm down, the first date is an avenue to know more about the person based on their interests, values, passion, career goals, family, business and relationship. Be a little flirty, don’t go all out flirty

Don’t be late:  total turn off for the first date and other dates

Do not conclude on the first date: be opened, sometimes the person might look all perfect but might not be and sometimes it might look like a wrong date but another trial may prove you wrong. So the first date should be subjected to another date.