Forbes Names Rihanna The Richest Female Artist in The World

The 31-year-old singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been named the Richest female musician in the world, exceeding Madonna ($570 million), Celine Dion ($450 million) and Beyonce ($400 million)

The singer, make up entrepreneur and fashion designer has been valued to worth $600million dollars from her music sale, tour and investment in beauty and fashion accessories.

the Barbados superstar has racked up millions of dollars deals with top luxury fashion house launching her makeup brand Fenty Beauty — co-owned by French luxury giant LVMH — in September 2017.


In May, Rihanna launched her partnership deal with LVMH to launch a luxury fashion brand in Paris, she also launched her makeup brand in September 2017 which became a successful business with a reported $100 million in sales in its first few weeks. After only 15 months, Fenty Beauty has reportedly generated an estimated $570 million in revenue and is worth more than $3 billion overall

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