Former Minister of health’s son abducted at gunpoint


Former Minister of health's son abducted at gunpoint
Dayo Adewole, son of the immediate past Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole was on Tuesday abducted by unknown gunmen.

However, security operatives such as the military, the police, security agents and local hunters have already set out in search of the ex-minister’s son.

Prof Adewole is said to have cut short his trip abroad and returned home.

A source had revealed that the ex-minister’s son was waylaid at gunpoint on his farm in Iroko, near Fiditi in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State at about 6 pm.

It was also revealed that the Dayo Adewole was with some of his staff at the farm at the time of the abduction but his assailants went straight for only him — whisking him away to an unknown location.

A source said, ” The villagers were alerted by the staff who survived the ordeal. Local hunters were mobilised by the Oniroko of Iroko.

“The hunters were said to have located the car of the abductors along the road to Iware village near Iroko.

“But they are yet to locate Dayo’s whereabouts. It was suspected that the kidnappers might have changed their vehicle following persistent announcement on the radio after Oniroko had raised the alarm on air.”

A top official of the Federal Ministry of Health said: ” We are in sad mood over the abduction. Dayo is a graduate of agriculture and he opted for farming.

” He has been managing his farm peacefully in Iroko until he was abducted by some gunmen on Tuesday.”

Responding to a question, the official said: “The ex-minister left for abroad last Thursday for recess but he is on his way back. He has cut short his trip.

” The military, the police, and other security agencies are on top of the situation.”