‘I can not remember how many people I have killed’ – Suspected kidnapper reveals

 Sani Haruna aka Gayu, a suspected kidnapper who was recently arrested by the Inspector General of Police special team, has confessed to having killed so many people but can not remember how many lives he has taken.

In an interview with Saturday Vanguard in Hausa,Gayu begged the Federal Government to give him a second chance so he could join the forces to help fish out, other kidnappers.
“My name is Sani Haruna. I am the guard for kidnapped persons where they were kept in the bush in Katsina State. I have been doing that for one year. Before joining this, I was a herdsman. It was from herding cows that I was invited to be guarding kidnapped victims by one of the commanders.”
On how many people he has killed in the last year while working as a kidnapper, Haruna said:
“In  God’s name, I have lost count because I don’t keep a record of the people I kill but I know they are many”.
Gayu went on to state that on the day he was arrested, he had already killed three people within the interval of three days.
On why he killed those people, he said his superiors told him that he would be killed should he spare the victims.
“Even when I didn’t want to kill them, I was always afraid because it could amount to disobeying the directive of my boss. I might even be killed,” he said. He added that amongst the kidnappers, there was a sheik in charge of preparing corpses for burial according to Islamic rites.
“The mallam will prepare them according to Islamic rites, pray for their souls and we will bury them properly,” he said.
Gayu went on to state that he is married with a child, and that his wife is not aware of his criminal activities because he never disclosed them to her.
He added that the military uniform he wore and the arms were provided by his bosses.

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