I reluctantly ‘dealt’ with Onnoghen – Buhari

I reluctantly ‘dealt’ with Onnoghen - Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari earlier met with the leadership of the Afenifere, and said among other things why the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen was suspended before he voluntarily retired on May 28.

Buhari who talked about his administration’s fight against corruption, even from the time when he was the military head of state.

According to Buhari, he reluctantly ‘dealt’ with Onnoghen following the discovery of a huge amount of monies (both in foreign and local currencies) that were traced to him.

He said: “I will tell you as Afenifere, that was why I had to deal though reluctantly with the former Chief Justice, because there were millions of dollars, euros, not to talk of naira, which were not declared.

“I wonder what sort of conscience some of us have, how can you seat and preside and lock people up for years and even sentence some to death and yet you are not doing what the constitution says you should do by occupying that vital institution.

“On fighting corruption, you know it – again I don’t mind repeating myself even though I sound like a broken record, as a military head of state, I took everyone to prison and pronounced them guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.

“We put tribunals in all geopolitical zones and they investigated those who were in charge of government money and took all of them in prison until they explained what happened to the government’s money. Even I was detained, this is Nigeria.

“That was why I decided to put on agbada and see. I attempted three times up to Supreme Court and winning the fourth time thanking God and technology, I am now qualified to be a soldier and a politician.

“… now what I do is when a person cannot justify what he has or fails to declare as the constitution specifies, some of them dear to almighty God that their property doesn’t belong to them until we show them their bank accounts and their companies then we have some peace.’’


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