‘I will not accept a marriage proposal if it does not come with a car’ – Actress, Olive Utalor

'I will not accept a marriage proposal if it does not come with a car' - Actress Olive Utalor

Nigerian actress Olive Utalor is currently trending following her thoughts on marriage proposals.

According to the upcoming actress, she can not accept a marriage proposal from a man who does not come with a ring when proposing.

In her words;

It is presumably what any woman would jump at but it seems this does not apply to budding Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor, who turned down a marriage proposal from her fiancée of many years. Her reason? The proposal did not come with a car for her.

“On my birthday last year he promised me a car and now he wants me, Olive Utalor to get married to him without a car, it’s not proper. I don’t care if he has supported me through school. I can’t be trekking under the sun when I am somebody ‘s wife. He should go and look for his class,” the actress stated in an interview with Potpourri when they reached out to her to find out why she rejected a marriage proposal.

Reports have it that the proposal was made by the fiance, who is a civil servant, a primary school teacher to be precise.

“I can’t pretend that he is right for me. Yes, he saw me through the early stages of my tertiary education but that doesn’t mean we are right for each other. If he cannot get me a car there can be marriage. I’m not being callous, I’m just being true to myself.”



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