“I’m proudly Igbo”- Noble Igwe Shares Lovely Photo With Wife, Chioma

Popular Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe is one celebrity that is unashamedly proud of his cultural heritage and tribe. Recall, the singer had once told a Twitter user that he was proud of him Igbo accent. He stated that it was not a disability.

"I’m proudly Igbo"- Noble Igwe Shares Lovely Photo With Wife, Chioma

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Well, the founder of 360 Nobs recently shared a photo from Nigerian singer’s traditional wedding, Banky W as he reminisced about a discussion he seemingly had with his father concerning travelling to his in-law’s place to ask for his wife, Chioma’s hand in marriage. He shared the lengthy post on his Instagram page which reads :

“I don’t know about everyone else but I’m proudly Igbo and in most cases, I always ask about how certain things are done in Igbo land.
In my village, you don’t marry a woman with just a ring, you start with ‘Iku Aka’ rite which could be termed as introduction.
In reality, if you see a girl you’d like to marry, you buy her body lotion,hair cream, bread,milk, slippers and so many other self care products.

You’ll then take those things with your parents and visit her parents house to gift her.

The idea is that you have seen something beautiful and have brought her things to help her maintain her beauty.

In my tradition and most Igbo tradition, the gifts serve as a proposal and her acceptance of the gift means that she’s willing to marry you.

To this effect,I informed my parents that I was ready for Iku Aka as you are required buy tradition to go with your family and well wishers.

Nobs : Danda, I want us to go to Chioma’s house for Iku Aka.
Danda : Ekene Diri Chineke, when ?
Nobs : This December
Danda : Okay. Do you want me to call his father or will you call him?
Nobs: Let me discuss with him first and revert.
Danda : Ngwanu
I had thought it was going to be an easy call but when I finally called my FIL, he told how he wanted the process to me.

Nobs : Daddy, I’ll like to visit with my family.
I am ready to start things formally like I hinted during our last conversation.
FIL : That’s fine,Baba Noble but you know that even though she’s my daughter,I don’t own her alone.So you have to go meet my sister and brothers.
Nobs : Okay Daddy
FIL : Do you want me to Whatsapp their numbers or will you get them from Chioma?
Nobs : Daddy, Send then to me and I’d call them.

That was how I started my trip around Nigeria to go see my FIL’s family.
Visited Aunty Ugo in Lagos, Uncle Kalu Otisi in Abuja, Called Uncle Ndukwe and all.
I informed them all of my intentions and I hadn’t given Chioma any ring at that point.

We fixed for a date in December and I was travelled back home with Chioma but before I teavel, I was meant to pick up the ring.

How can I pick the ring if Chioma is going to ride in the same car with me?
Image : Banky’s traditional Wedding”

See the photo below: