‘It saddens me to see my African brothers making fun of my look’ – Senegalese player, Krepin Diatta

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'It saddens me to see my African brothers making fun of my look' - Senegalese player Krepin Diatta

Senegalese footballer, Krepin Diatta who currently plays in the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt, has shared his thoughts about social media bullies who have been coming for him because of his physical appearance.

The 20-year-old midfielder hit the limelight after he scored his first goal for Senegal against Tanzania during their opening match last Sunday.

While the footballer was being praised for the goal, others took solace in slamming him for his look.

A troll even went as far as to share a photo of Krepin with his beautiful white girlfriend and tagged them “beauty with a beast”

Reacting to the insults, Krepin in a statement said;

I am very sad to see my african brothers making fun of me,

I work for our beautiful and dear africa continent and what I receive in return are only insults, mockery from my brothers

This is too bad of you and racism comes from there, I need your encouragement, not insults, Thank you to everyone who supports me.

It is only God who gives me strength and I am proud of my physical appearance your mockery won’t change anything in my life.

But one thing for sure, we are all AFRICANS.


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  1. Difference is beauty….we can’t all be a like….and each of us is especial the way we are something so very out of our appearance….we are so proud of Diatta…..just keep winning for Senegal…. we love you.

  2. It is so embalacing to here such stupid nonsense words from fellow Africans wat a sheme

    But am very sure brother were u are most of the people will never reach and your past might be the feature to some people cause they are looking for it but all in all we are equal before the almighty God

  3. just give thanks to the almighty these guys there are just jealous of you cmuch love for you continue taking our content far # team Africa

  4. I am very impressed for a the awesome response, those making the fun should be ashamed of themselves n must remember that no matter what they can never be like him.
    bro keep higher the light of Africa

  5. I love your heart brother… do your best to reach the top. you can’t be them and they can’t be you. you’re handsome and unique on your own..
    GO ON!

  6. the photo will always attract a second look, naturally. You would be crying foul if it was Photoshop but l think you are not saying anything along those lines. It is natural of us to enjoy what you also enjoy in that photo. l dont see anything racial about your being coloured-black complexion. Its uniqueness makes it tick in the media. One day you will grow up and appreciate it.

  7. Bro don’t let does *uckin words discourage u. Can any of does making mockery of u create an talking of human being.WE AFRICANS NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Its just too bad to hear this frm our own people

  8. It’s really sad my dear brother the way we Africans treat our fellow Africans, we forget that we have all been created by one Almighty God and the Bible declares that we have all been created in God’s image regardless of our colours, parents, countries etc. My advice to you Bro is that DO NOT pay back “Evil with Evil..!!” In every stage in life has got it’s own challenges, as long as you are alive people will talk wether you do good or not but what is important is FOCUS in what you do and what you want to achieve until you reach your desired target of your SUCCESS. GOD OVER EVERYTHING #PEACE

  9. Keep it up brother man, ure such a talented young man. show them that ure really great, GOD created each one of us differently.

  10. That should not discourage your professional. your pocket mean so much to you not people making fun of you.more blessing.

  11. yes we are all Africans, and we have to support each other without difference.
    I am supporting you 100% KREPIN TIATTA

  12. That’s why our White friends call us all sorts of names, it’s because of our stupidity.
    Why should a normal human being compare his fellow being to an animal?
    Jealousy must not take one this far!
    My brother pray for these idiots because they don’t know what they are doing.Go..Go forward!


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