My orderly was shaking when kidnappers confronted us on a road trip – Gov. Akeredolu

My orderly was shaking when kidnappers confronted us on a road trip - Gov. Akeredolu

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, on Sunday, revealed how his orderly became shaky when his convoy was confronted by a group of kidnappers

The governor who also boasted he never be kidnapped did, however, confirm that travelling on Nigerian roads has become a major source of worry for the rich and the poor.

The governor said this during a live broadcast programme which the state-owned Ondo State Radio-Vision Corporation (OSRC) in Akure, the state capital aired on Sunday.

“I have encountered them once and even as a governor with my crew, I remembered I had to tell my people to move on. My orderly was shaking. But I said wherever they (kidnappers) were, we would confront them,” the governor said.

“There is no need to run away. On my way to Ibadan the last time, we saw them and we moved but the advantage is that by the time, we shoot into the air, they scampered into the bush.

“Even if I walk they cannot kidnap me. I have passed the stage. Kidnapping is not limited to those poor people alone, and I agreed that those with convoys might be safe.”

According to the governor, a spate of kidnapping has increased and has become worrisome. He said: “It is what happened to every other generation. There was a time the armed robbery was very prevalent but that is fading away gradually.

“It is becoming a fashion to go into kidnapping. I now know that travelling from here (Akure) to Ibadan is now a source of concern because people now go by rail. But you can go by air from Lagos to Akure and do your business; that is the advantage our government has created.