My wife admitted that she committed adultery with our pastor, man tells court

My wife admitted that she committed adultery with our pastor, man tells court

A member of the NKST Church, Tertsea Daagu, has accused a Pastor of the Church, Terlanga Unongu, ruining his relationship with his wife, Wandoo Daagu.

The man said that this, while defending himself in a divorce case brought against him by his wife, before a Makurdi Upper Area Court.

“I have never beaten my wife or accused her of adultery; it is my wife that admitted before our NKST Church Committee that she has committed adultery with one Rev Terlanga Unongu, a Pastor of the Church.

“I have not accused my wife of having an affair, but she has confessed to having an affair with Rev Terlanga Unongu.

“In 2007, she confessed to having an intimate affair with the Pastor when the Church committee took up the matter. I have the evidence with me written in Tiv language.

“Though the committee could not give an appropriate resolution, we appealed to the General Synod where a resolution was passed.”

According to Daagu, he never physically abused his wife, and that she moved out of the home they shared together since being married, on her father’s approval.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Mrs. Daagu had petitioned the court to dissolve their marriage, citing alleged brutality and “unnecessary” accusations of infidelity, adding that there was no longer love between them.

“We have three children; after nursing our last daughter, my husband started accusing me of being unfaithful.

“He kept attacking me and would be beat me up at thea  slightest provocation. I reported this cruelty to his parents, but instead of intervening, they took sides with him,” she said.

“Since I left his house, my husband has never visited me or my parents to discuss our issue. He has no respect for my parents,” she said.

She begged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her full access to their three children.

The Judge,Adole Akintomide, adjourned the case to Dec. 14, for judgment.


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