[Photo]: South African woman bites off her rapists tongue

A rapist got more than he expected from one of his victims when she bit off her his tongue.

According to reports, the 24-year-old medical doctor bit off the tongue of the would-be rapist after he crept up on her to attack her while sleeping at the doctor’s quarters.

The man had reportedly gained access to the South African hospital posing as a patient, then tried to force his tongue into her mouth, IOL News reports.

A spokesperson for the Free State provincial health department, Mondli Mvambi,  while addressing newsmen said that the doctor was not injured in the incident, which happened at Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein late on Tuesday.

“The alleged perpetrator failed to overpower the doctor and could not execute the rape. During the scuffle, the doctor managed to bite the tongue of the alleged perpetrator who then ran away to National Hospital.”


“He was later arrested and then taken for plastic surgery and was operated on under police guard and he will be handed over to be taken before a court in due course. “It is by the grace of God that the doctor had the strength to fight back and bite the suspect’s tongue off. She is currently undergoing medical tests and counselling.”


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