Proposal by Miyetti Allah to form vigilante group in southeast, impossible – Governors

Proposal by Miyetti Allah to form vigilante group in southeast, impossible - Governors

The Governors in the south-east have made it clear that the proposal by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) to organise local vigilance groups in the south-east will not stand.

This follows a recent proposal by MACBAN, to help leaders of the region criminal activities in the region.

However, in a statement, Dave Umahi, chairman of south-east governors forum, said that allegation that Southeast governors will MACBAN to form vigilante group in the region was strange.

“I find it extremely strange for anybody to think that none locals in any part of the country including south-east can be allowed to form vigilance outfit,” he said.

“The Miyetti Allah group may have made that suggestion which I believe will never mean to form a vigilante in south-east whichever is the meaning, no governor will allow that.

“South-east governors have their local vigilance groups working with security agencies; any such demand by Miyetti group is a joke and not acceptable. Governors of the zone are doing their best and we have no problems receiving insults from our people, it is the price of leadership.

“The important thing to us is the safety and well-being of our people; the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and other pressure groups may not have found it fashionable to insult their leaders even when their leaders may not be saints.”

He added: “My calling is not to insult others. Have we been fairly treated? No. Can we solve the problem with hate speeches? For me, the answer is no.”

“Nobody, no matter the level of pretence can change my style of peaceful leadership. Ebonyi, in particular, has suffered so much even in the context of the south-east.

“We believe that we do not need hate speeches as a strategy to solve our problems.

“Finally, we insist there will be no Miyetti vigilante, no cattle ranch or colony; but we must live peacefully with herdsmen that do not destroy our farmlands especially those that were born here and have lived peacefully with us.

“All South-East governors are together in this position.”


  1. Miyetti Allah or whatever they are called, should be wise enough to know that the part of the country that needs the Unsolicited Vigilante Services they plan to render in the South East, is actually Zamfara as well as the entire North East of Nigeria. Their sponsors should tell them this in the Language they will understand better.


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