‘Religion is a major factor of destruction, people need to move away from it’ – Majid Michael

Ghanaian actor turned evangelist, Michael Majid is of the opinion that religion is a major factor of destruction.

The Ghanaian actor via a video shared on his IG page stated that his eyes are now opened to the truth with the truth being that “the number one or two problems on earth, if not leadership, is caused by religion.”

Majid went on to say that he realized that every religion be it Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu and even Islam “has a history of violence and history of destroying humanity, hence can’t be tagged Godly.”

The talented actor concluded the video saying the world needs to move away from religion, and focus on spirituality.

Watch the video below;




  1. When you talk of Christianity you talk of spirituality and not religion that is why the word of my God which is the Bible said that time has come and that time is now when those who will worship me will worship me both in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.


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