Shan George finally reacts to claims she requested for Ned Nwoko’s number from his son

Nollywood actress Shan George has denied she ever requested for Ned Nwoko’s phone number from his son Emzy.

Recall Emzy had taken to social media to claim that Shan had requested that he gives her his dad’s number. The young man exposed this following Shan blasting his father over his marriage to young actress Regina Daniels.

Reacting to the insult to his dad, Emzy went on to share alleged chats between him and Shan, chats the actress has come out to deny.

Emzy had written;

Wow it just came to my notice.. shan gorge called my dad a dirty and ugly disgusting man but she keep disturbing me for his phone number
what a a life.. my dad don’t do old school
Sorry to disrespect you ma but family first.i know so many nollywood actress who wish to be in regina’s position.. instagram save this one here before she unsends dem
my dad is a soft guy that’s why they keep tripping for him.
he is bazed on soft. emzy ned nwoko jnr.. swipe to see chats
Reacting Shan said the account that sent Emzy the messages was a fake one.

See her post:

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Shan George finally reacts to claims she requested for Ned Nwoko's number from his son
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