[SHOCKING]: Man Loses Manhood After Handshake

Shocking!!! Man Loses Manhood After Handshake

A Twitter user has shared the story of how he lost his manhood after two men forced a handshake on him and tried to flee.

According to the user, he was able to get the men with the help of the security operatives attached to the Wewa bank branch of Ikota area where the incident reportedly took place.

Read his story below:

I am on my way to the police station with the help of Wema Bank security who called in men of SARS. A bike man and another cane to me shook my hand and immediately want to run away and I couldn’t feel my two balls again when I raised alarm.

Thank God for Wema Bank securities and thank God to Ikota Police Station. while Police tortures them, they asked to pray and while they speak in a strange language and touching me. My balls came back. What do I do to assure permanent return

What he tweeted:



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