Nigerian Woman Queried And Suspended By Church Elders For Buying A New Car While Pastor Drives A Second-Hand One

Shocking!!! Nigerian Woman Queried By Church Elders For Buying A New Car While Pastor Drives Second-Hand One

A Twitter user @vivsaintlaurent has shared the story of how her mum’s friend was summoned by church elders because she bought a new car while the pastor drives a second-hand one.

Read the full story below:

My mum’s mate bought herself a new car & the elders in church summoned her for a meeting saying it looks bad she has a new car and the pastor is driving a second-hand car

my mom’s friend was summoned for a meeting after she gave testimony about successfully purchasing land in Nigeria.

The pastor was TIGHT saying she should have given that money to the church. They banned her from the church.

My mom and her friend no longer attend.

See her tweet;


  1. Foolish materialistic pastor of a bogus church. They are envious of her. That is a sin. Cain was envious of his brother Abel and so he killed him. This church has no Christ there. So its good she no longer attends or they will kill her.

  2. if this story na true.. na God go punish dat pastor and the elders.
    pastors are ment to serve the congregation not the congregation serving them..

  3. God is coming for all you fake Pastors.
    Same happened in a Church I don’t want to mention. A pastor requested huge amount for let’s go a fishing from a parish Pastor, failure to meet up landed io “wahala”. And left the church for them.


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