Social media analyses the “but” in Davido’s apology to Pamilerin

Social media analyse the "but" in Davido's apology to Pamilerin

Singer and label owner, Davido real name David Adeleke had taken to social media to apologised to Pamilerin, on behalf of his artist, Peruzzi but social media has a problem with the way he did it.

Peruzzi had slapped Pamilerin, a popular Twitter influencer last night, to the displeasure of many fans.

In the midst of the backlash against Peruzzi, both he and his record label owner(DMW) had apologised to the influencer but some critics have a problem with the “but…” in Davido’s apology.

He had tweeted: I apologize to you @thepamilerin on behalf of my Brother and Artist @Peruzzi_VIBES he was wrong for putting his hands on you but people need to realize that we Artist are human beings and we see everything! You said some harsh words to my brother and sometimes this thing dey pain!

Peruzzi had also tweeted: I did very wrong for yesterday slapping Mr Pamilerin, let my feelings get the best of me and I am very sorry. Apologies to Mr Pamilerin and also to the general public. I’d never get into such mess again. Love Only, I promise. ❤️

Well, here’s what social media is saying

Ayo FBI wrote: If you ever apologize to someone and there is a BUT in your apology, your apology holds no water and it has lost its value in its entirety. You can as well keep your apology to your damn self!

Gideon wrote: Everything after “but” makes the whole apology inconsequential.

Chidi Okereke wrote: Nigerians are very skilled at saying ‘sorry’ but telling you why they believe you deserve what they did to you. If your apology attempts to justify the wrong, don’t issue it. Smh.

Dr Dipo Awojide wrote: An apology with BUT basically means go fuck yourself.

Grandpa Frank wrote: Pamilerin should sue this guy’s ass! What kinda Balogun Market apology is that? He didn’t even mention him. Someone needs to teach these MFs a lesson.

Virgin Boy wrote: That feeling when you’ve satisfied yourself and done exactly what you wanted. So You just apologize to the public for apologies sake. Peru Just rub his cheek and peck the spot, let him know you’re serious. Sheybi Na One Love.😄


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