‘The young man who ordered Soyinka off his seat nothing but a sadistic and ignorant little scumbag’ – Fani Kayode

The young man who ordered Soyinka off his seat nothing but a sadistic, disrespectful, shameless and ignorant little scumbag - Fani Kayode

A former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has described the young man who ordered renowned literary icon, Prof Wole Soyinka off his window seat as “sadistic and shameless.”

The former aviation minister said in a tweet on Monday while reacting to the trending story of a young chap who made famous poet quit his allowed seat in a recent flight, regardless of pleas from other passengers.

Fani Kayode wrote:

The young man that ordered our very own Kongi and Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, to get up, move to the aisle seat and vacate the window seat for him on a commercial flight today is nothing but a sadistic, disrespectful, shameless, irreverent and ignorant little scumbag.

There is something sickening and malevolent about commanding an 80-year-old man to leave his seat. The Captain should have re-allocated the seat to Soyinka and Tonye Cole, who exposed the whole episode, should have spanked the disrespectful little brat that asked him to get up!


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