‘These are what hurts the most about being a rape victim in Nigeria’ – Tope Delano

Nigerian writer Tope Delano has joined in the trending rape topic on social media revealing why most rape victims in the country would rather not speak up after they have been raped.

According to Tope, most rape victims decide against talking about this brutal experience as they would most likely be blamed for the evil that befell them.

This is asides having been stripped of everything in them as well as having to be stigmatised.

Read her tweets below;

Do you know what hurts the most when it comes to rape in Nigeria, this is asides having been stripped of your BEING… Is knowing that you can not share It’s knowing that even when you do share, you will most likely be blamed and expected to just move on immediately

It is knowing to prepare yourself for stigmatisation should you decide to share and this, many would rather avoid thus the decision to not share at all and just wallow in the emptiness and pain


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