‘Your woman crush has no issues with yahoo yahoo and is a mum’ – Tope Delano drags Gifty

'I have no respect for men who do not eat p***y' - Tope Delano

Nigerian writer Tope Delano has taken to Twitter to drag BBNaija’s Gifty over her statement on if Yahoo Yahoo is a crime.

According to Gifty, Yahoo Yahoo is a mere game and should not be considered a crime, hence no need for police to arrest the boys.

Reacting to this, Tope tore into Gifty saying;

Ur WCE is of the opinion that Yahoo Yahoo is just a game and sees no reason why the boys shld be arrested. ur WC is a mum who wants a better government but feels at peace living with boys who lie, kill and cheat.

Your woman crush differentiated between a dad and a father but of course, blew hot over DADs yet sees no wrong in internet fraud, your woman crush is Gifty and should be a graduate right? You know what scratch that



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