Again, Cossy Ojiakor Slams Tunde Moshood Over Leaked Dog-Sex Tape

Cossy Ojiakor Continues To Drag Journalist Tunde Moshood
Journalist Tunde Moshood and Cossy Orjiakor

Actress Cossy Ojiakor has made a promise that she will not stop dragging journalist Tunde Moshood, adding that he is the one behind the fall that landed her in a wheelchair.

Recall Cossy has for a while been dragging Tunde Moshood for publishing a damaging article years ago that derailed her career.

The article claiming she had sex with a dog for real on the set of the movie, Itohan.

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In a new post on IG, Cossy wrote;

“This Cossy is fearless….. I don’t fucking fear death cause we all gonna die so what the fuck……… all die na die …… gonna drag u till all the wrongs you did me is made right……………… if na you and d other 2, send the evil pussycat well u have failed cause am slaying my Robo Cop body. ………… you should be scared cause . ………..,Ama sue uuuuuuuu. till your apology make headlines.”



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