Basics of DMV VIN Check

Purchase of a new car may bring excitement as well as bitter disappointment. Before concluding the deal, you should be fully aware of the vehicle’s prior history and any legal complications. The VIN lookup service is here to assist you. 

A vehicle history report may be easily obtained from the comfort of your home. Services like DMV VIN lookup online offer prompt and reliable results that highlight any possible problems with your purchase, including the least obvious ones. The actual type and specifications are clarified remotely in a matter of minutes, as well as accidents, mileage, and much more. 

VIN lookup service

What is a VIN?

No two Vehicle Identification Numbers are the same. Such an identifier is assigned to every car, truck or trailer produced in the USA after 1981. Therefore, no two vehicles produced 30 years apart may share the same VIN. Each identifier contains a string of 17 characters, including capital letters and digits. Previously, before 1981, VINs included from 11 to 17 characters. You could compare it to fingerprints, as this unique indicator allows to access vehicle history easily, with samples offered for free. 

Are VINs obligatory? 

The short answer is yes. Any vehicle made after 1981 has a VIN. It is possible for older cars to have VINs as well, but these do not follow the current 17-character formula. Moreover, VIN must be verified by law for almost any operations with a vehicle. For example, here is the list of such cases from the Vermont official website (except motorcycles):

  1. registration of used vehicles with out-of-state titles;
  2. registration of used vehicles with first-time titles in the applicant’s name (unless purchased directly from a licensed dealer);
  3. existence of Salvage Documentation from any state;
  4. titling of vehicles under bond;
  5. existence of registration from any foreign country;
  6. age exceeding 25 years when an “exempt title” is being sought.

Where to find VIN

Usually, the number can be found on the front of the dashboard from the driver’s side. You will see it better from the outside – look through the windshield. Alternatively, the VIN could be placed on the door pillar – again, from the driver’s side. In case of an ATV, you will need to get down on the ground and look for it underneath the vehicle on the frame, which may require a flashlight. The number could be on either side of the ATV.

VIN lookup service

What a VIN report includes

Using the number, you may identify any car’s type and specifications, title brand, recalls, and cases of theft involving it. The information is tracked by the Motor Vehicle Records database. This means a wealth of useful information. Hence, individuals, as well as companies and authorities, use VINs to track past records involving certain vehicles. 

From a car report, you can get information about dates of inspections and any ownership changes. Any crashes, rollovers or floods will also be highlighted. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to check the background of a second-hand car before buying.


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