Bayelsa Lawmaker Caught On Camera Assaulting APC Chairman Opens Up, Says ‘I Was Only Defending Myself’

[Video]: APC Chairman Hon. Jotham Amos and Hon. Wilson Dauyegha Engaged In Physical Fighter Over Primaries

Following a viral video of Hon. Wilson Ayakpo Dauyegha and Jotham Ampos engaging in a fight, the former has released a statement on the issue.

According to Dauyegha, he was only defending himself, adding that he never assaulted the party Chairman.

The statement read thus;

“The chairman called me a night before the incident that he wanted to see me, I told him was in Port Harcourt but it was late, so he said since I was travelling tomorrow we’ll meet at the airport before departing for Abuja.”

“On reaching the airport, the party chairman, Jothan Amos told me to come into his car with military men and was coercing and pacifying me into signing a document and I openly refused. He also said ever since he made me minority leader I have been avoiding him. This is really sad and it’s wrong precedence to begin the elections.

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“I wasn’t even at the stakeholders meeting but I heard there wasn’t any tangible agreement, so why bring a document to force me to sign? That was why I jumped out of his car and pushed him to take defense,” he said.

“I tore the paper because while we were struggling in the car my pen drew a line, so I don’t want to be mentioned to have signed the document.

“It should be noted here that if a mode of election is to be chosen, it should be done the proper way with every member of the party agreeing and not coercing members secretly, which the party chairman has been doing since after the stakeholders meeting.

“The party chairman has been going about forcing members of the party with military men to sign documents on the mode of the elections, which has raised an uproar and serious concern to major stakeholders.

“Since the outcome of the meeting was in stalemate, he would have allowed the major stakeholders meet and resolve the issue before signing of documents,” he said.

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