Buhari Must Tender His Resignation Now – Anglican Archbishop

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been asked to resign by the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Niger Delta of the Anglican Communion, The Most Reverend Tunde Adeleye.

The cleric accused president Buhari’s aides of being responsible for his failure by deceiving him.

“If I meet the president today, I will tell him in plain language that he has failed and must resign. This is because his advisers and aides have deceived him. So many things have gone wrong in this country in recent times. There is a louder outcry, ” he said.

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Speaking at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Calabar on the preparations by the Communion for this year’s synod, the cleric said; “Nigeria is ripe enough for restructuring. The present structure is obsolete and carries us far.

“Restructuring will affect some old structures of Nigeria’s sociopolitical and economic policy. It will involve honest dialogue. There is now injustice, marginalisation, resulting in a failed state. We, therefore, need to ‘redesign’ Nigeria.”


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