Day Of Reckoning: ‘Aboki’ Beaten To Stupor For Selling Fake Drinks In Lagos (Video)

[Video]: Nigerians Nab 'Aboki' Selling Concentrated Drink Strong Enough To Melt A Disposable Plate

A Twitter user has taken to the social media platform to share a video which shows a young ‘aboki’ boy being beaten by some men in Lagos.

According to the video, the aboki sells fake drinks which is quite popular on the streets of Lagos.

But, a consumer bought the drink and emptied it in a disposable container, but was surprised to see the plate melt away, causing some of the men in the video to conclude the aboki was out to kill people.

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Sharing the video he wrote;

This just came in.. please be careful what you drink…

Watch the video below;


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