Devil Incarnate? Man Reportedly Had Anal And Vagina Penetration With 4-year-old


Delectable Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, has shared the story of a man who reportedly raped a four-year-old girl and had both anal and Vagana penetration with the little girl.

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According to the story which was shared on her Instagram page, the man in question used to work as a cook with the victim’s parent, before carrying out the nefarious act in their Abuja residence.

As shared by the actress below:


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Some things I just can’t fathom 😡 This man should be prosecuted for committing such atrocity! Please repost so Khloe can get justice! Posted @withrepost • @uchejombo On the 31st of August 2016 , IDRIS EBILOMA 28 raped Miss KHLOE who was 4 years and 3 months at that time , he was the cook in their home in asokoro abuja . There was vaginal and anal penetration of that little girl . The victims mother reported to the police and she was compelled to drop charges against the boy which she refused and said she wants justice for her daughter . Khloe’s mother has had a lot of challenges prosecuting the rapist from the police prosecutor Mr John .I. Who refused to tender all the evidences in court, the video of the little girls ordeal and other evidence and others . The mother has been following up the matter and has been frustrated to How The Nigeria police FCT command has handled the matter. All thanks to the Current CP who cautioned the OC Legal to prosecute the matter without a biased mind a few weeks ago. The Human Right Commission is aware of this case and has refused to step in even after the victims mother wrote a petition to the commission and was told by a staff of the commission never to come back again . This matter has lingered and the Rapist feels his above the law because he has the backing of influential Nigerians who has intimidated the victims mother . On the 6/12/2016 she fought the police officers sent from IG monitoring Team (force Headquaters) who came to rescue the Rapist in court all thanks to Hon. JUSTICE A.O. OTALUKA who intervened and stood firm since the matter came before her court ( CHARGE NO: FCT/HC/CR/32/16) This is one of the many rape cases in the FCT especially that of minors . All the mother of Khloe wants is justice for her daughter who deserves Justice , an innocent girl who should be protected by her blood but was sent away because her mother stood on the path of truth . #justiceforkhole Khloe’s childhood has been stolen by this man, this Friday 5th july(Apo high court 9am) he may walk away a free man and that is a big NO. let the world know about this evil man. #justiceforkhloe

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