#ElishaAbboMustGo: Nigerians express anger over the behaviour of “s*x toy shop” senator

#ElishaAbboMustGo: Nigerians express anger over the behaviour of "s*x toy shop" senator

Nigerians are calling on the immediate arrest Senator Elisha Abbo representing Adamawa North at the Senate, for assaulting a nursing mother an adult shop in Abuja.

The senator in a now viral CCTV footage was seen repeatedly slapping a woman in a sex toy shop in Abuja – Because the assaulted woman had pleaded with him to take it easy with the shop owner — with whom he had an argument.

The lawmaker and the shop owner had entered into a serious argument after he said she insulted him by calling him a drunk. The man who had visited the shop in the company of three young ladies descended on the nursing mother, repeatedly slapping her on her face and directly on her eyes.

Since the video emerged on Tuesday, Nigerians are calling on the appropriate authorities to rise up and see to it that lawmaker faces the full wrath of the law for his barbaric behaviour.

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