Exam malpractices: Ibadan Polytechnic Burns Over 1000 Phones

The management of Polytechnic of Ibadan, on Wednesday, set over one thousand phones ablaze.

The phones were reportedly seized from students during examination periods.

Ibadan Polytechnic set phones ablaze

It was gathered that the phones, which were recovered from students during examination in the school, is worth millions of naira.

The Deputy Rector of the school, Bayo Oyeleke said the phones were set ablaze to restate its commitment to fight examination malpractices in the school.

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“We are here to take further action on our resolved to ensure that the crop of students and products being produced by the school are students with exemplary character and are those who really work and worth the certificate of the institution,” he said.

Oyeleke added that the exercise will serve as a deterrent to students of the institution who wish to further indulge in the illegal and inappropriate act.



  1. phone seizure during exam is necessary especially when it on. But my question is were they really on, and is they any provision made to enable students keep their phone for safe keep during exams, if No to these burning the phones isn’t to good.