Fatoyinbo: I Am Shocked By The Number Of Women Who Shamed Busola ⁠— Fayemi

'I Am Appaled At The Number Of Woemn Who Spoke Against Busola Dakolo' - Ekiti First Lady Bisi Fayemi
Busola Dakolo and Bisi Fayemi

Bisi Fayemi, wife of Ekiti state governor Kayode Fayemi,  has reacted to the trending rape scandal involving COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

According to Mrs Fayemi, she is appalled by the number of women who shamed Busola for daring to speak out.

In an article shared online, Mrs Fayemi wrote:

”Over and over, supporters of the Pastor and some who claimed neutrality kept asking why Busola decided to speak up twenty years after the rape took place. Why is she speaking out now? Why did she not say something at the time? I could not believe some of the things people were saying, including those who ought to know better. Busola Dakolo and her husband Timi received unprecedented support for their bravery, the court of public opinion seems to be in their favour.

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“However, I could not help but wonder how we got to where we are, a society blissfully unaware of the war that has been waged consistently on the bodies of women and girls from one generation to the next. Women don’t talk about what happened to them as girls or as adults because of the implications – shame, stigma, punishment, rejection. I am even more appalled at the number of women who have added their voices in the shaming of Busola. If you cannot say anything to support another woman in pain, say nothing. Keep quiet. If you are a fan of the accused Pastor, support him if you want, but you don’t have to call his accuser names.

She continued saying;

“When I was ten years old, my mother brought a male teenage relative to live with us to help around the house. His name was Sina. He slept on a mattress on the floor with my younger brother, while I was on the bed with one of my young Aunts. One night, before I fell asleep, I felt my bed covers being pulled. I pulled them back up. It happened again and I did the same thing. The third time, I allowed the covers to be pulled off totally to be sure I was not making a mistake. I sat up and asked Sina what he was doing. He said ‘nothing’. I stayed awake for most of the night. First thing in the morning, I went to tell my mother. She did not yell at me. She did not scream and call me a liar. By the time I got back from school, Sina was gone and we never saw him again. We never had any male relatives live with us after that.

“When I was in secondary school and home for the holidays, I was around thirteen at the time, I told my father I wanted to learn how to swim. There was this young man who lived next door, he used to run errands for my father, we called him Brother Lai. My father asked Brother Lai to take me and my Aunt to Airport Hotel, Ikeja, to teach us how to swim. My first swimming lesson was my last. Brother Lai held me from behind, teaching me how to kick my feet under the water, while at the same time pressing himself against me and touching me inappropriately. When I asked him why he was doing that, he asked, ‘Can’t I play with you’? The next day, when he came around for us to go for the next lesson, I refused. I never told my parents what happened, I just mumbled something about not liking water. I was afraid of causing trouble.

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“I did not want Brother Lai to be sent away on my account, the same way Sina was frog-marched to the motor park by my mother. I did not want my parents to think I was in some way encouraging these men to be inappropriate towards me. So, I said nothing, and just stayed out of Brother Lai’s way. Brother Lai had never given any indication that he was anything other than a respected older brother figure. I was however literally placed in his hands and he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. That is what predators do, they wait for opportunities to present themselves and then they abuse trust and innocence. With hindsight, I shudder at the naivety of my trusting parents.

“I, however, learnt to appreciate my mother’s response to my claims, it could have gone differently. What if my mother had not believed me? What if Brother Lai had come into our house and I had let him in, and he had proceeded to attack me in my own home?”


  1. I respect u ma,u should nt av stay on one side ma.u av said it all ma,u were able 2 protect ur self 4rm 10 /13 yes. y can’t she do d same ? she said dis pastor rape her 3 times @ d age of 16 and 20 yes later ,she’s now talking. question 2 u ma(1)is her mother dead den or she don’t av anybody she relate with den.so pls ma,if it really happen, definitely ders more 2 wat we ar hearing. both of dem ar keeping something 4 us.tanks

  2. We shd learn to respect others emotions, for Busola speaking out after 2decades is not a crime but an eye opener for parents that entrusted the custody of their children and family with some men of God or relatives.
    God will deliver us from the hands of this rapist,cos they are everywhere.

  3. Your story was and interesting, you said you were 10 when Sina tried to abuse and you told your mum at that age, her own case, she was 16/17 and she could not tell anyone, the second attempt came and followed suit without still telling anyone until 20yrs after, critically look into ma. I am not saying the pastor was right to have abused her but I think she gave in.

  4. Somebody said she was raped and everybody who we expect to be reasonable are telling us stories. Has he been convicted? If he has, who did? You or the so called fornicator the pastor rescued from further embarrassment? Spare us ma and look at the issues in your God forsaken state

  5. try and ear from both sides
    if tomorrow someone just woke up and say your husband rape her and people jump into conclusion without any prove
    my question to you madam will you be happy ?
    know that this man also has a wife If not for anything please give respect to the wife until the court found him guilty


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