Femi Falana Reacts To Heated Argument Between Senator Abbo And Remi Tinubu

falana tinubu
Femi Falana, SAN
Femi Falana, human right lawyer and activist, says that the Senate erred in setting up a committee to investigate Senator Elisha Abbo publicly over the sex toy assault since the case is already in court.
Falana, while briefing journalists in the early hours of today, described the move by the Senate as ”sub justice.”
The Senate committee turned into a heated argument between Senator Abbo and Senator Oluremi Tinubu yesterday with the embattled senator fuming that he cannot be threatened with suspension.
What Femi Falana said in full:
“We all watched the video showing the senator allegedly assaulting a lady but we all demanded justice and the police have already arraigned him. The matter is now before a court and Senator Abbo is a defendant.
“It is, therefore, wrong for the Senate to sit and investigate a matter publicly, while the matter is ongoing in court. That is subjudice. The Senate rules are clear that when a matter is in court, the Senate does not dabble into it.”


  1. I wonder why the senate would engage on this blunder. Remi is in the senate for the third time but failed to or deliberately and sentimentally agreed to be part of this rubbish committee or panel even the senate president showed incompetence in constituting the garbage panel.

  2. Why are we blaming the senate and senators? None of them got there through their free constituency votes, therefore I expect less intelligence actions of any kind from them all, their bogus salary’s that are milking us dried has blinded them to see the truth of how to operate,,,we members of the public too has no of rejecting the wrongs because your tribe is a member. we should keep quiet until we are able to say , its enough.